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Water Use

Question:- Why is my water bill so high?
Answer:- There are many factors to consider when answering this question. The number one cause for high water bills is excessive lawn and garden watering. Many people are under the mistaken assumption that an automatic irrigation system saves water and money. In most systems, the only item saved is time. The average irrigation system uses approximately 45 litres a minute while watering a lawn. That's a cubic meter (1000L) of water every 22 minutes. How long and often does your irrigation system run?

Question:- How do I tell if I have a leak?
Answer:- The best method to determine if there is a leak is to turn off all sources of water in the house and garden then locate the water meter (located in a Qualicum Bay box near the property line). Check the dial on the meter for movement. If no movement is observed, record the present reading and wait 30 minutes, read the meter again. If the meter shows movement or has shown usage in 30 minutes, something is leaking.

Question:- The meter is moving but I'm not using any water. What do I do next?
Answer:- Check all faucets and pipes. Watch for drips, and quickly replace faulty parts. A leaking faucet can waste from 280 to 750 L of water in a week. The toilet is a common source of unnoticed leaks. Undetected, hundreds of litres of water can be wasted each day. Often leaks occur when the toilet is out of adjustment or parts are worn. To tell if your toilet is leaking listen carefully to it. If you hear the sound of running water, your toilet is leaking. Add food colouring or dye to the toilet tank and wait 20 minutes. If coloured water appears in the toilet bowl, a leak is present. Toilet leaks are not hard to fix, and you can ask for advice at your local hardware store or call a plumber.

Question:- I found a leak, am I responsible for all the water used?
Answer:- In certain circumstances the Qualicum Bay Water District will credit your account with percentage of the overage. Once discovered, the leak must be promptly fixed and then verified by Qualicum Bay Water District staff. See the Leak Policy on this page.

Question:- The meter must be wrong there's no way we used this much water!
Answer:- Water meters use a simple turbine wheel that measures the flow. When meters break down, they either stop recording or record less than actual usage, they don't speed up and measure more flow.

Question:- We have very low water pressure, but the next-door neighbours have high pressure!
Answer: - The first thing to check is if the residence has a water pressure regulator (PRV- Pressure Reducing Valve). Check to see if it functioning correctly. You can ask for advice at your local hardware store or call a plumber. Check that all valves are fully opened. If everything has been checked and pressure is still low, contact the Qualicum Bay Water District Office at 250-757-8507.


Policy for Adjustment of a Water Leak

Policy Number: 13-01

The Qualicum Bay Horne Lake Waterworks District (QBHLWD) recognizes that from time to time our users may experience an in-ground leak on the main line to the residence. In the event that this occurs the QBHLWD may adjust the water account to a property owner for an in ground leak if;

1. The leak is associated with the main service line from the meter connection to the residence. Leaks in attachments in the water system such as, irrigation, hot tubs and swimming pools are the responsibility of the property owners and do not qualify for adjustments. Charges relating to the leaks from appliances within the building (i.e. toilets sinks etc…) do not qualify for adjustment.

2. The leak is not associated with a natural disaster/”Act of God”.

3. The property owner advised Board in writing that an in ground leak has been identified and repaired within 14 days of the water billing or from the date the leak was discovered.

4. The property owner has provided the Board with proof of repairs.

5. QBHLWD personnel are satisfied that repair has been undertaken and completed.

For accounts that qualify, QBHLWD in estimating the account shall use the overage in question multiplied by 50% as per Board decision, taking into account the average billing for the same month of previous years. A leak adjustment shall only be granted once in two years